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  • These Elephants Went To Some Desperate Measures To Escape Angry Villagers


    Let me set the scene for you: You’re at an outdoor food court, enjoying your meal when something strange happens.

    Three enormous elephants come wandering in out of the woods. Once you get over the shock of these gigantic mammals trying to join you at the table, what do you do? For people dining in India, the answer was to yell. A lot.

    And it actually worked! The elephants didn’t want any trouble, but they did want to get away from the screaming as fast as possible. The only trouble was, the quickest way out was blocked by a wall. They learned pretty quickly, however, that sometimes the best way out is through.

    Watch as these innovative pachyderms resort to drastic measures instead of dealing with the angry humans.

    OMG! They should hire these elephants next time they need an efficient bulldozer. I guess the good news is that no one was hurt. Share this video to surprise your friends!

  • He Dangled His Baby From A Window On The 15th Floor For The Most Insane Reason


    Social media seems to have taken over almost every part of our lives.

    I know I can’t go more than a few minutes without checking my phone. It’s kind of embarrassing! But as we become more and more connected to one another, more aspects of our lives will end up online.

    One father in Algeria recently took his Facebook obsession too far, however, by terrorizing his child and committing a crime he’ll now serve time for.

    The man held his 15-month-old son by his t-shirt and dangled him out of a window on the 15th floor more than 150 feet in the air. He took a picture with his other hand.

    He posted the photo to Facebook with the terrifying caption, “1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

    Fortunately, police were able to locate the man and arrest him on charges for child abuse. He was sentenced to two years in prison for his crimes.

    (via DailyMail)

    This is absolutely terrible. I’m so glad this man will pay for his crimes. No child should ever be threatened this way for any reason. Share if you agree.

  • The Weather’s Getting Warmer, So Use These 15 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe


    When the temperature rises, it’s not just humans who suffer in the heat.

    Our animal friends are feeling it, too, and they’re covered in fur! On really hot days, they might not even want to move or go outside. There are things you can do, however, to keep your best friend safe throughout the summer months. Here are 15 of the best tips we could find for helping your pet stay cool.

    1. Exercise early in the morning or after the sun has gone down during the coolest parts of the day. This way, they won’t be sedentary, but they won’t suffer.

    2. Use booties on their feet. Asphalt and other hot surfaces can burn the sensitive pads of an animal’s paws.

    3. Watch out for dehydration, which will vary by pet. Dogs, for example, can’t sweat. Instead, they pant and might drool excessively if they need water.

    4. It almost goes without saying, but make sure water is always available. Foldable bowls like these can be transported anywhere.

    5. Cooling pads can provide a comfortable surface to sit on when your pet is feeling too warm. (You might even want to lay on one, too!)

    6. If you can, set up a kiddie pool for them to play in. You might think this tip is just for dog owners, but my two kitties love it, too!

    7. Setting up a bowl of ice in front of a fan is a super old-school air conditioning technique.

    8. Some animals may dig to find cooler soil that feels good against their skin. If you have a yard that allows for this behavior, try not to discourage it.

    9. Pay attention to the feet! Cats and dogs will feel cooler if their feet are cool, and any warning signs of pain or dehydration may be evident in their pads.

    10. Small animals like cats and rabbits may groom themselves more than dogs, but it’s also helpful to have them professionally groomed. Talk to your vet and groomer about things you can do on that end to keep your buddies cool.

    11. Animals with light-colored ears or noses may require sunscreen, just like humans.

    12. Choose at least one room of the house and keep the blinds closed with a fan or the AC on. Your pet may gravitate toward this cool room.

    13. Always check with your vet to see what foods are safe for your animal to eat, but some pets may enjoy fruits or veggies full of water, like carrots.

    14. Some pet owners use spray bottles to correct bad behavior, but if your furry friend isn’t bothered by them, the mist feels great.

    15. Let them sleep. They may take shorter walks and sleep for a larger portion of the day, but that’s okay. You might even be able to take a summer nap together.

    (via Cesar’s Way and The Guardian)

    Stay cool this summer and make sure you share these tips with all the pet owners you know. They’ll appreciate the help keeping their best friends healthy and happy.

  • What This School Principal Did To His Son With Disabilities Can Never Be Taken Back


    Being the parent of a child with disabilities can be unspeakably difficult.

    Watching your child suffer and not being able to do much to help must be one of the most heartbreaking feelings in the world. That’s why these parents, who may look fine on the outside, need all the help we can give them.

    Grant Heckman, a 28-year-old man with cerebral palsy, had been suffering his whole life and recently became even more ill. That’s when his father George snapped, killing them both in a tragic murder-suicide that’s shocked their entire community.

    George Heckman was a beloved elementary school principal, who friends and associates describe as hard working and kind. On June 19, he shot and killed his son Grant and then himself.

    A longtime friend named Luke Pohl said this about Heckman: “He wore a pretty good mask. He didn’t really let anything show. I think (George) saw his son suffer too much and too long.”

    Heckman was known as a champion for underserved kids and children in need. Pohl says he “gave and gave and gave.”

    Unfortunately, Heckman didn’t feel he had any other options, making this story all the more tragic. Learn more in the video below.

    (via MLive)

    George Heckman needed resources and help to prevent this tragedy. If you or someone you know is feeling helpless and unable to go on for any reason, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

  • It Looked Like Just A Mansion, But When They Went Inside, Their Hearts Broke


    Great Danes are some of the biggest dogs of all time and also can be some of the cuddliest.

    They’re generally known as gentle giants, and as with any purebred dog, people will pay top dollar for a pup that has a good bloodline and great temperament. The cool thing about adopting dogs is that there are thousands of breed-specific rescue organizations out there. While some breeders are very responsible, adopting a certain breed of dog doesn’t have to be unethical.

    Unfortunately, there are cases like this horrific story out of New Hampshire, where almost 100 Great Danes were rescued from an alleged puppy mill being run out of a mansion.

    From the outside, the $1.45 million mansion looked normal. But inside, dozens of pups were suffering.

    The floor was covered with feces and urine so thick that the dogs found there were sliding around in it.

    Facebook / Pet Watch New Jersey

    “It was horrifying in and of itself, but I’ve never seen conditions like this in a house of that magnitude,” said Lindsay Hamrick, state director for the Humane Society of United States.

    Some of the Great Danes also had medical issues common among the breed that had not been treated, like these swollen eyes.

    Christina Fay, the owner of the mansion, was arrested and initially charged with two misdemeanor counts of neglect. Given the number of animals seized, however, more charges may be filed after lab testing is complete.

    These poor babies were dying to get out, and after their seizure, rescue organizations stepped up to the plate to make sure they got the help they needed.

    Police and other organizations worked together to help the dogs, which can reach up to 300 pounds when fully grown.

    The good news is that while the courts are doling out justice, some of these Great Danes are already living much, much better lives. Check them out in the video below!

    (via NYPost)

    I hope they all find the happiest forever homes. What kind of person could do something like this to such innocent animals? Share this if you hope she receives the harshest possible punishment for these crimes.

  • This Mother Kangaroo Was Killed, But Rescuers Saw A Tiny Paw Reaching Out For Help


    There is perhaps no baby animal closer to its mother than the kangaroo.

    Joeys live inside their mothers’ pouches from the time they’re born until they’re at least eight months old, and they often spend a few more months in and out of this protective home until they’re ready to face the world full time. It’s time to bond with their mothers, suckle, and stay safe from predators.

    Not all stories have a happy ending, however, as rescuers discovered recently at Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network.

    When a female kangaroo was killed, rescuers noticed a tiny hand and arm reaching up from out of her pouch. This orphaned baby would have been too small to live on its own.

    They posted a video of the joey to Facebook, where more than 100,000 people have seen the tiny creature struggle. Fortunately, they were able to save it.


    Hopefully this baby kangaroo grows up happy and healthy with the support of the people who love and care for orphaned animals. Share this to astound others with this story of survival.

  • This Guy Was Minding His Business Out In The Ocean When He Saw A Massive Tentacle


    We didn’t know much about the giant squid until very recently, and so much about them remains a mystery.

    In fact, scientists hadn’t even confirmed they existed until 2004! That doesn’t mean that people who spend a lot of time in the ocean hadn’t had encounters with them, though.

    James Taylor is active in water sports and one day decided to go paddle boarding off the coast of South Africa. While there, he spotted something strange, and it turned out to be an injured giant squid. He threw a rope near the creature, hoping to tow it to shore. (I’m not quite sure how that would help, but his heart was in the right place.) What happened instead was a hilarious once-in-a-lifetime experience that he’ll never forget!

    It looks like someone decided that it would be better to get a ride!

    This is so crazy. I can’t even imagine being in his position. Share this video with all the people you know who love the strangest things in life.

  • When His 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Didn’t Recognize Him, He Did Something Revolting


    Taking care of elderly folks is a tiring and thankless job that often gets overlooked.

    Many adult children become caretakers for their parents and sometimes their spouse’s parents. William Spingler, a former politician in Pennsylvania, took over the duties of caring for his 103-year-old mother-in-law after his wife died in 2007. She lived in his home for eight years, but then she was placed in a nursing home when her dementia worsened.

    Spingler is accused of doing something pretty awful to his mother-in-law, but the most shocking part of this story is that he admits it — and has a “justification” for everything.

    One day while visiting the nursing home, his mother-in-law didn’t recognize him due to her dementia. Spingler then fondled her breast, hoping the action would have “shock value” and “get her attention.” He did this on one other occasion as well.

    The police officer who took his confession reports differently, however. “(Spingler said) ‘I know what this is about. This is about me rubbing (the victim’s) breasts. I do it to get her going,’” said Police Chief William Colarulo. “He said, ‘When I see her, I’ll kiss her on the mouth, I’ll rub her breasts to make her feel good about herself. Sometimes she says no, but that’s all it is, that’s all there is to it.’”

    “I wasn’t sexually assaulting my mother-in-law, who I respect and love,” Spingler told “My intent was to hug her and love her and let her know I was there. That’s all I was doing.” He also said, “I mean, my reputation is destroyed, my business is destroyed. It was just something that I shouldn’t have done.”


    (via NYPost)

    Spingler has been released on bail and is scheduled to be sentenced next week. I, for one, don’t buy his defense and hope this woman gets the justice she deserves.

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