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  • She Thought Shaving Her Head Was The Only Option But A Stylist Did Something So Kind


    For those who’ve never dealt with depression, it can be hard to understand just how debilitating it is even when it comes to the simplest of tasks.

    Just getting out of bed in the morning can feel like a monumentally difficult and impossible thing to do when severe depression sucks all the energy and positivity out of you. One 16-year-old girl knows this feeling all too well, as her depression had made her feel so down that she stopped brushing her hair. It got so tangled and matted that she was ready to have it shaved off, but an amazing hairstylist did something so kind for her it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

    When she walked into the salon, she told Kayley Olsson to just shave it off because she couldn’t deal with the pain of combing it out.

    Olsson says she was heartbroken when she heard the girl calling herself worthless, so she decided to try everything she could to save her hair.

    Two days and 13 hours later, Olsson had pulled off a miracle and made the girl’s hair absolutely beautiful and unrecognizable.

    When the teen saw the results, she told Olsson, “I will actually smile for my school’s pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”

    Read the inspiring story as Olsson tells it below. She’s such a sweet lady!

    Today I had one of the hardest experiences with my client who I am keeping anonymous, I had a 16 year girl come in with who has been dealing with severe depression for a few years now. She got to the point where she felt so down and so worthless she couldn’t even brush her hair, she told me she only got up to use the restroom. She starts back at school in a few weeks but she has her school pictures today.

    When she walked in she told us just cut it all off I can’t deal with the pain of combing it out, she called herself worthless for it. It honestly broke my heart and we tried everything we could to keep this child’s hair for her! At the end of the day I want this to be a lesson to people. MENTAL HEALTH is a thing, it affects people all around the world and of all ages! PARENTS take it serious don’t just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can’t. A CHILD should NEVER feel so worthless to not even want to brush their hair.

    After being here 8 hours yesterday and 5 hours today we finally made this beautiful girl smile and feel like she IS worth something! Her last words to me was “I will actually smile for my school’s pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”

    Just trying to imagine how that girl is feeling after being shown such care and kindness makes me tear up. Olsson deserves recognition for all the effort and hard work she put it to make one person smile.

  • She Was About To Get Treatment For Her Cancer. She Refused For An Inspiring Reason.


    Back in April, 37-year-old Carrie DeKlyen, a mother of five from Michigan, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a malignant and aggressive tumor that affects the brain or spine.

    She was given five more years at the most to live, but Carrie was determined to fight. She wanted to be there as long as possible for her husband, 39-year-old Nick, and their children, so she enrolled in a clinical trial at the University of Michigan. What she wasn’t prepared for, however, was for doctors to tell her she was expecting her sixth child and that she would need to terminate the pregnancy to receive treatment. But when given the choice between her own life and that of her unborn baby girl’s, she chose to save the child.

    “The doctor said if you don’t terminate this baby, Carrie, you will die,” Nick told People. “But it was Carrie’s decision and I said ‘What do you want to do?’ She said, ‘We’re keeping it.'”

    Carrie decided to refuse treatment, which would be a death sentence. But she’s accepted this and believes it’s worth it to sacrifice her life to save her daughter, whom she and Nick have decided to name Life.

    Unfortunately, Carrie’s condition has worsened and her prognosis has been significantly shortened. At 21 weeks pregnant, Carrie is now in a vegetative state and on life support at the University of Michigan after suffering a stroke a couple of weeks ago.

  • Mom Sues Hospital After Rolling Over And Seeing Something Heartbreaking In Her Bed


    In August 2012, Monica Thompson gave birth to her first and only child, a baby boy named Jacob Daniel Thompson.

    Tragically, she only got to be with him for 10 short days before he passed away. Though it’s been five years since he died, she hasn’t been able to find closure after losing her newborn. That’s because she believes his death could have been prevented by the nurses who were supposed to take care of him. Now Thompson’s suing Portland Adventist Medical Center in Oregon, citing negligence in causing “foreseeable harm” to Jacob and “negligent infliction of emotional distress” to her by causing the child’s death.

    On August 5, 2012, nurses took Jacob to a nursery and gave Thompson narcotic painkillers and sleep aids so she could get some sleep before being released from the hospital.

    That night, a nurse brought Jacob back to the room and left him unattended with his sleeping mother for breastfeeding. An hour later, Thompson woke up feeling “drowsy and groggy” and found Jacob unresponsive in her arms.

    “She called for a nurse while she tried to get him to respond,” the suit states. “Mrs. Thompson tried to stimulate her son’s suckling reflexes without success. She touched his eyes and got no response. She poked him and talked to him with no reaction. When no nurse came to help, Mrs. Thompson carried her son to the hallway and frantically yelled for help.”

  • This Woman Was Just Murdered By A Neo-Nazi. One Cop’s Response Is Infuriating.


    Last weekend, anti-racism demonstrators stood together to protest against a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    White nationalists, neo-Nazis, and members of the Ku Klux Klan had gathered to protest the city’s plan to tear down Confederate monuments, including a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. When they were met by counter-protesters, tensions grew high and things quickly grew violent enough that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency. Police also eventually told the crowds to disperse.

    During the protest, a gray Dodge Challenger, driven by 20-year-old Nazi sympathizer James Alex Fields Jr. from Ohio, plowed through a group of counter-protesters.

    Nineteen people were injured and 32-year-old Heather Heyer was tragically killed in the crash.

    Shockingly enough, on a news article covering the crash, Springfield police officer Conrad Lariviere commented about how he loved what happened.

    To reiterate, Lariviere, who is supposed to protect and serve civilians, wrote, “hahahaha love this” in response to the heartbreaking and disturbing events captured in the footage below.


    (via Mass Live and Vox)

    After receiving backlash about his comments, Lariviere told MassLive, “never would I want someone to get murdered. I am not a racist and don’t believe in what any of those protesters are doing. I’m a good man who made a stupid comment and would just like to be left alone.”

    Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri says the department has launched an investigation into the comments. In light of such tragic events, it’s important that we strive to be kind and watch what we say, and that includes what we write on the internet. We send our condolences to Heather Heyer’s loved ones during this difficult time.

  • 8 Things You Should Probably Buy For Your Fallout Shelter Right This Second


    Most people who create fallout shelters are mocked as doomsday preppers.

    Now, there’s probably a low chance that you’ll experience a nuclear strike anywhere near your town in your lifetime, but for some reason news organizations are letting us all know how we can stay safe. If something crazy does happen, you’ll want to be prepared for it. After all, many people have preparation kits for natural disasters like floods or wildfires, so it just makes sense to be ready, even if nothing scary is happening at all right now.

    Here are all the essentials you’ll need for your nuclear fallout shelter.

    1. First, stock up on canned goods and MRE (Military Ready-to-Eat) meals.

    2. Each person needs one to two gallons of water per day, so five-gallon jugs are the most efficient way to be prepared for any disaster.

    3. Potassium iodide tablets can help protect against radiation from a nuclear weapon.

    4. Iodine solution can be rubbed on the skin for absorption in the body, similar to the tablets.

    5. Light sticks like these that last up to 12 hours are essential in any emergency situation.

    6. Five-gallon buckets can be used as toilets, or you can buy a portable toilet. After all, you might be trapped for a while.

    7. Plastic trash bags will keep your shelter clean and sanitary.

    8. Finally, some bleach and bleach-based cleaner should help you sanitize any messes that occur while you’re waiting for someone, anyone to save you.

    (via Underground Bomb Shelter)

    But at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do except make yourself comfortable as far away from the blast as possible. Just something to think about while our world leaders are playing with our lives.

  • Ever Wonder Why You Don’t See Great Whites In Aquariums? These Are The Reasons Why


    Aquariums can be really powerful forces for good in the world of conservation.

    They, along with animal water parks like SeaWorld, also showcase aquatic animals the viewing public wouldn’t normally get to see. Public perception around keeping large animals like orcas in relatively small tanks for entertainment has quickly shifted after the documentary “Blackfish” exposed some of the abuses that take place. However, doesn’t it seem strange that if SeaWorld keeps large orcas and many aquariums house many species of shark, that no one has tried to put a Great White on display?

    Actually, they have, but each shark has died shortly thereafter. Why does this happen? IFL Science has the answers.

    The first time a Great White was ever put on display was in the 1950s at a place called Marineland. It died within a day. SeaWorld also attempted it a few times in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but each time the shark died or had to be released.

    In 2004, the Monterey Bay Aquarium became the first institution to keep Great Whites alive for more than 16 days. They survived for several months, which was shocking. Most were young sharks captured by fishing nets and then rehabilitated. None died in captivity, but they all had to be released, with some refusing to eat.

    The most recent attempt to display a Great White was after an adult shark was injured in a fishing net last year. It was kept at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan until it died three days later. The video below seems to show the animal exhibiting anxious, restless behaviors.


    One issue in keeping Great Whites is their diet. They don’t eat anything except live prey unless they’re starving. But feeding using live animals is a problem ethically for aquariums and marine centers, and it’s very expensive.

    Another issue is the tank size. Like orcas, Great Whites are known to travel huge distances. But these sharks face the additional challenge that they are one of the species of ocean animals that must keep swimming forward in order to survive. That means their tanks would have to be truly massive.

    Some also say that their electromagnetic receptors are thrown off in an environment surrounded by glass. The shark would be confused by the new stimuli around it, and this theory could explain why some captive Great Whites have refused to eat even live prey.

    Overall, keeping Great White sharks in cages is just a terrible idea. They need the entire ocean to roam in order to survive. If you want to see a Great White, well, that’s what we have Shark Week for!


  • Some Monster Threw This Cat Off A Bridge, But A Hero Saved Her Life


    Most of us would do anything we could to save an animal in distress.

    Part of being able to save a life, however, is being in the right place at the right time. Many animals who are dumped in the water don’t get a chance to live because no one is around to save them. It’s hard to believe there are monsters out there who would, for instance, throw a cat off a bridge, but that’s exactly what happened in Florida recently. Fortunately for this miracle kitty, a hero was there to save the day.

    Captain Jordan Smith is your average animal lover. He loves taking selfies with his dogs.

    He posts photos of them all the time, with commenters online even referring to them as his “kids.”

    He’s always trying to help animals, including this pup found by a friend and in need of a good home.

    He was out on the water one day when he says he saw a little head trying to stay afloat. He had seen the cat fall from 15 feet up on a nearby bridge, apparently thrown off by an evil human.

    “She latched ahold of me and didn’t want to let go,” he said. “She was just staring at me the whole time.” Learn more about this daring rescue in the video below.


    Youtube / 10 News

    (via BoredPanda)

    Fortunately, he was able to get the kitty, now named “Miracle,” to the vet to get some help. As long as kitty gets along with his pups, he’ll be adopting her, too. What a happy ending!

  • Fed-Up Woman Wanted Her Rooster Gone, So She Made This Hilarious Post Online


    I have seen quite a few interesting classified ads online in my day.

    If you really want to sell something, sometimes the best way to do that is to make your listing stand out. If you’re lucky, your crazy post can even reach an audience you couldn’t have imagined. What happens if the thing you’re trying to get rid of isn’t exactly an appealing prospect? Well, you could try to hide its flaws. Or, like Denell McCaul, you can be painfully, hilariously honest.

    Denell has a lot of animals, and she seems to love them a whole lot.

    This includes some chickens, ducks, and one absolutely petulant rooster.

    Denell’s rooster is so obnoxious that she’s deemed him an “asshole,” and she has the story to back it up.

    She’s so fed up with his loud noises and wily ways that she’s even giving him away for FREE. Here’s what she wrote in her hilarious Facebook post.

    FREE to good home. Well, any home really. At this point I don’t give a shit what kind of home this inconsiderate jerk goes to: ASSHOLE ROOSTER. He’s the perfect rooster if your alarm is broken and you need to be awake at 5:30 a.m. That is his only setting, 5:30. He has no snooze button but will be quiet just long enough for you to fall back to sleep and then he’ll start back up with his obnoxious cock-a-doodle-doing right outside of your windows. It’s like he knows where you sleep and can zone in on that particular window so maybe he has some sort of special x-ray vision where he can see sleeping people behind walls. He is also a perfect rooster if you want to start running… around your yard… while you’re trying to get away from him. He no longer goes after me as he is also an instructor of interpretive dance. Or at least that’s what I imagine it looked like as I went after him flapping my arms, jumping up and down, kicking at him, yelling and screaming, and swinging a mop in his direction. So, if you’re looking for an alarm clock with the only setting being 5:30 a.m., a personal trainer and a dance instructor, I have the perfect rooster that is able to fill all 3 of those positions FOR FREE! But you’re coming out to catch this asshole, I want to see your first interpretive dance lesson.

    I think I’m gonna have to pass on that early wake-up call, but hopefully all the attention her post is getting will get this rooster to a place where its talents are appreciated.


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